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Water Miser Caps

Water Miser battery caps are engineered to substantially reduce the need for equalization of batteries. The incorporated Flip Top vent cap design makes the Water Miser the most technologically advanced battery vent available. Keeps all batteries dry and acid free.

Water Miser Datasheet

In Summary – Rolls Water Miser Caps:

  1. Keep Batteries Dry / Acid Free
  2. Reduce Watering Intervals (60%)
  3. Prevent Corrosion
  4. Include Spark & Flame Arrestor
  5. Reduce Electrolyte Gassing
  6. Prolong Battery Life
  7. Stabilise Electrolyte Gravities
  8. Use Flip Top Orientation
  9. Use 360° Rotation
  10. Include Electrolyte Condensing Chamber
  11. Include Electrolyte Return Probe
  12. Include Bayonet Style 1/4 Turn Screw-in
  13. Include Cap To Battery Sealing Gasket
  14. Accept 3/4" Single Cell Fillers
  15. Reduce Labour Costs